Kate Champion Solo Work

Face Value

“In an intrinsically physical performance, Kate Champion heads into the space between saving and losing face, getting off on the right foot and finding it in your mouth, hanging in there and letting go. A voyage into self- acceptance that is wryly humorous, told through body language, spoken word and an inventive design of façade and framing.
As with all the best serious stuff, Champion’s imagery, stories and ideas are hilarious and hilariously moving. She is a rare talent, and whatever she does next must be immediately labelled ‘don’t miss’.”
The Bulletin

“…richly detailed and finely choregraphed body language…her flair for turning thoughts into actions transforms familiar territory into perceptive entertainment…Be quick to catch it.”
Sydney Morning Herald

About Face

“What I want right now is some fluorescent neon tubing. I’d construct a huge mother of a neon arrow and aim it at this since sentence. DO NOT MISS THIS.”

Photos: Heidrun Löhr