Tenebrae 1+2

Tenebrae 1 + 2 was a major collaborative undertaking by The Song Company and Force Majeure, a bold and innovative cross-artform work for the 21st century, yet based on one of the greatest and most modern musical trilogies of Western art. An epic tale of Christ’s betrayal, death and burial paralleled by the events of betrayal, murder and grand remorse of the composer Gesualdo.

Creative Team

Director Kate Champion
Musical Director Roland Peelman
Set and Costume Design Bruce McKinven
Lighting and Projection Design Sydney Bouhaniche
Production Manager (Tenebrae 1) Matthew Barclay
Production Manager (Tenebrae 2) Sydney Bouhaniche
Force Majeure Performers Kathy Cogill, Shaun Parker, Tom Hodgson

Touring History

Tenebrae 1 Sydney Town Hall, 2005
Tenebrae 2 Sydney Town Hall, 2006


Tenebrae 1+2

“Kate Champion wonderfully and distinctively through-choreographs the performance, ever attentive to the demands of the singers but integrating them seamlessly into it, their brave bodies raised, lowered and embraced; they, in turn, shaping the dancers.”
Keith Gallash, Real Time (Tenebrae 1)

“..immaculate sylishness, in a genuinely innovative collaboration of austere strangeness.”
Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald (Tenebrae 1)

“Although last year’s creation was a triumph of innovation, this year’s surpassed it for its unified cohesiveness. These performances provide the benchmark for artistic collaboration and deserve wide exposure.”
Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald (Tenebrae 2)