Mura Buai (Everyone, Everyone)

Ghenoa Gela
Co-presented by Force Majeure and Performance Space

Dancer and choreographer Ghenoa Gela’s re-interpretation of the widely recognised Viewpoints structure for composition through the lens of her Torres Strait Islander culture and dance practice. Gela will lead a group of dancers in a performance installation that invites the audience to engage with improvised movement vocabulary in a choreographed yet playful environment. Different stories, relationships and intense atmospheres will be created and shifted depending on your entry point to the performance and individual interpretation of the event.

Melinda Tyquin, Melanie Palomares, Jacqueline Cornforth, Taryn Beatty, Darren Compton, Michael Cutrupi, Berthalia Reuben, Ghenoa Gela

Game of Seven 2014

About Ghenoa Gela
Sydney Independent performing artist, Ghenoa Gela, is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman from Rockhampton. She has worked across several mediums such as Dance, Circus, Television and Stage. Some of her credits include: Force Majeure’s Nothing to Lose, Winds of Woerr (Melbourne Next Wave Festival 2014, Spirit Festival 2015), Move it Mob Style, Deadly Vibe Australia (ABC3, NITV 2011-2014), The Piper (My Darling Patricia, Sydney Festival 2014), From the Ground Up, Circus Oz (National & International Tour 2012/2013) Happy as Larry (Shaun Parker, National & International Tour 2011/2012). Ghenoa facilitates dance workshops from urban to remote communities and participates in programs such as: ARMTour, Young, Black and Deadly and Vibe Alive, just to name a few. Ghenoa is inspired by her family’s stories and wants to increase awareness of her Torres Strait Islander culture through dance and is looking forward to future prospects of working on a new indigenous musical. She aspires to inspire.

Mura Buai is part of Performance Spaces’ Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art

Photo: Zan Wimberley