You Animal, You

You Animal, You, is our new dance theatre work exploring the most ‘animal’ of the human senses – smell. Directed by Danielle Micich, five diverse performers tell stories from personal experience, asking how we behave in response to our own smell, and to the smell of others. Using Force Majeure’s unique synthesis of movement, storytelling and text, the work draws the audience into a sensory world as it asks challenging and confronting questions about gender, ethnicity, age, desire and disgust, viewed through the power of smell.

Director Danielle Micich
Dramaturg Sarah Goodes
Designer Michael Hankin
Composer Kelly Ryall
With Harrison Elliott, Ghenoa Gela, Raghav Handa, Heather Mitchell, Emma Sandall

Thank You

This project is supported by Sydney Festival and Create NSW.

Photo: Ashley de Prazer