Support an Unstoppable Force

It’s been a big year. You may have heard that Force Majeure was one of many small-to-medium arts companies defunded in the Australia Council’s recent round of four-year funding for organisations. But what does that actually mean for Force Majuere?

Losing our four-year funding from the Australia Council will have a significant effect on our already tight operations. It will impact on our ability to produce as much new work, and to continue developing and supporting artists to the same extent as we have.

But as always, we will use the funding we have to create bold, new dance theatre works that reflect on contemporary Australian life. Works like Off The Record, Jump First, Ask Later, and Never Did Me Any Harm. Works that speak to Australians – that speak to you.

Because this is how we use our funding.

We use our funding to employ some of the country’s most respected and talented artists. In 2015 alone, with just two full-time company staff, we employed 63 artists for a total of 191 weeks. Artists such as Kristina Chan, Ghenoa Gela and Byron Perry, to name a few.

We use our funding to ensure the continued growth and excellence of the dance theatre art form in Australia through artist development programs such as INCITE, Fine Line and Cultivate/Culminate. Over our lifetime we’ve supported the development of more than 350 Australian artists.

We use our funding so that we can – in Kate Mulvany’s words – “take part in the beautiful, ancient art of sharing stories”. Because we think that matters.

In this time of funding uncertainty, now more than ever, we need your support. We call on individuals and organisations that share our passion for dance theatre to contribute to Force Majeure before the end of this financial year.

You can support the Company by providing cash donations or by providing in-kind services such as short-stay accommodation for interstate artists, event hosting and storage space for sets. We welcome and appreciate contributions of all shapes and forms, small or large.

Your ongoing support is vital to Force Majeure’s continuing success and we thank each and every one of you for your contributions so far.

If you would like to donate now, simply simply click here and follow the prompts.

Warm regards,

Danielle Micich
Artistic Director