Culminate 2014

A Force Majeure project presented in association with Performance Space and Carriageworks

In 2013 we brought together a diverse and talented group of emerging Australian directors, choreographers and dancers for Cultivate, a creative lab that gave participants the opportunity to experiment, risk, develop and create within a well facilitated and supportive environment.

This same group reunited in 2014 for Culminate, where they presented dance theatre works-in-development in a series of showings at Carriageworks. This was a unique opportunity to witness the nascent development of new work and become part of the artistic process in an open studio environment.

Also accompanying the season was the return of Game of Seven, the enthralling improvised performance in Carriageworks’ public space, along with daily open classes and a public forum, all contributing to a wider dialogue about the future of dance in Australia.

Experience some of Australia’s brightest emerging choreographers as they present their newest ideas in the midst of development via a diverse ensemble of gifted dancers.

Dates & Times: 13 – 16 August 2014, 6pm
Location: Track 8, Carriageworks

Open Classes
Force Majeure in partnership with Performance Space and Carriageworks will be offering open class throughout the Culminate Lab. Classes are free and open to dancers, students at a tertiary level and current professionals. Participants will need dance experience as classes will be taught at intermediate/advanced level.

Dates & Times: 21 July – 13 August 2014, 9.30am – 10.30am
Location: Track 8, Carriageworks

Game of Seven
A two-hour improvised performance by the dancers from Culminate, in Carriageworks’ public space.

Dates & Times: Saturday 2 August 2014, 11am – 1pm
Location: Public Space, Carriageworks.

Another Other: Culminate Panel
Will diversity ever become the rule and not the exception? Culminate artists and guests discuss their attitudes to cultural diversity in live performance and share personal stories about living and making work from the perspective of the ‘other’.

Dates & Times: Saturday 16 August 2014, 4pm – 5.15pm
Location: Carriageworks.

Photo: Peter Plozza

2011 – 2012 Particpant Testimonials:

“…I have learnt so much about my own process and where I want to take the work as well as being introduced to a wonderful community of other makers and artists which I am eternally grateful for. I feel so privileged and honoured to have been part of this program. Thank you a thousand times over…”
Samantha Chester, Director

“…Being part of Culminate, having been in Cultivate, has been really rewarding in my/our exposure to different people’s working modes and in experiencing the refinement of each of the works as the choreographers evolved in their creative roles…”
Gavin Clarke, Performer

“…The main strength of this program was that Kate Champion took the time to invest in our process to elucidate her own. This has happened at a perfect juncture for me and I thank Force Majeure for their vision and follow through…"
Ross Ganf, Director

“…Culminate has given me the boost in confidence and skills my practice needed. The opportunity to craft ideas, make work on the floor with professionals, not have to worry about financials and then get to discuss all this with friends and respected peers has made the most profound difference for me…”
Simone O’Brien, Director

“…Above all, Culminate helped me to develop my skills in understanding a directors’ needs, and how to reflect their feedback in my performance…”
Ryuichi Fujimura, Performer