Company Artist: Timothy Ohl (2013-2015)

From 2013 – 2015 Force Majeure provided in-kind producing and auspicing support for Timothy Ohl in developing his solo work King TV.

QUT trained, Timothy has been performing professionally for over 13 years. He has worked with Force Majeure, ADT, KAGE, Shaun Parker, Lucy Guerin Inc, Meryl Tankard, Legs on the Wall, Strings Attached, Strut & Fret, Theatre of Image, Raw Metal, Torque Show, Opera Australia and Chunky Move performing Stephanie Lake’s Mix Tape – receiving a 2010 Green Room award. Recently, Timothy has been creating his own work performing in Expressions Dance Company’s ‘Solo – Festival of Dance’ in Brisbane and iOU Dance at UNSW presented in Spring Dance Festival 2012.

About King TV

In King TV, decades of local and world newsworthy events flash by on TV, making up the life story of Timothy King Jnr.

Timothy King Jnr is 34 years old and living in his mum’s basement. From inside this concrete bunker, Timothy records and broadcasts an entire TV channel with everything from news bulletins and infomercials to a ‘What’s Cooking’ show. Disaster is imminent, with dodgy interviews, interrupted broadcasts, false reports and the occasional missing pair of pants. One begins to wonder if King TV is real or just the incredible delusion of one man.

Using a mixture of movement, analogue recording devices, blue screens and the inventive visual and sound effects of Timothy’s silent partner-in-crime Luke Smiles, King TV questions how and why we trust the things beamed into our lounge rooms on a daily basis.

King TV will premiere at Sydney Comedy Festival in 2015.

Photo: Katie Holmes