Kristina Chan

Over the past 14 years Kristina has performed throughout Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Asia, Israel and Europe working with Australian Companies, Choreographers and Directors: Force Majeure, Kate Champion, Australian Dance Theatre, Garry Stewart, Chunky Move, Australian Ballet, Gideon Obarzanek, Lucy Guerin Inc, Stephanie Lake, Sydney Theatre Company, Legs On The Wall, Theatre of Image, West Australian Opera, Opera Queensland, State Opera South Australia, Tasdance, Michelle Mahrer and Bernadette Walong, Narelle Benjamin, Paul White, Anton and Tanja Liedtke.

In 2011 Kristina presented a short solo work Carnivorous at Solo Festival of Dance and Lost and Found as a part of iOU Dance at UNSW and then presented in Spring Dance Festival 2012 at the Sydney Opera House. iOU Dance is a performance initiative for a small group of Sydney based Independent dance artists. In 2012, Kristina choreographed and directed Kingdom Mourning for 3rd year dance students at Adelaide College of the Arts.

Kristina has been awarded the Helpmann Award 2011 ‘Best Female Dancer in a Dance or Physical Theatre Production’ for Narelle Benjamin’s In Glass and two Australian Dance Awards ’Outstanding performance by a Female Dancer’ for both of Tanja Liedtke’s full length works: 2006 for Twelfth Floor and 2008 for construct.

A Faint Existence

In 2016, Kristina will continue working on the creative development of new choreographic work A Faint Existence. This development is produced by Force Majeure in partnership with Carriageworks.

Photo: Lucy Parakhina